The Concord Farmers Market has setup an online shop so that market visitors have another option for shopping at the market, by pre-ordering products beforehand. Sometimes you won't be able to get to the market early enough before some products have sold out, or you may have a busy day planned that will leave you short on time to walk around the market.

Our other main objective is to help support our stallholders by giving them a cheap and easy option for online sales. If we can help our stallholders to be successful then that is also good for the sustainability of our community market.
The online marketplace for the Concord Farmers Market is run by the Rotary Club of Concord as a community service. The members of the Club assisting in its operations are unpaid volunteers.

For more information about the Concord Farmers Market please see the market FAQs.

See Rotary Club of Concord for more information about the Club and the projects that it either supports or is directly involved in.